I’m having a me day tomorrow and I’m so excited about it. I finally have my car back! Doing some crafty stuff, shopping, and getting my hair cut!

I’m so lucky to have the love that I have.

I want to be interesting. I want to be brilliant and naive at the same time. I want to see the world through fresh eyes, but be timid enough to know when to take a step back. I want to be forever surrounded by the love of friends and family, but be at peace in an art studio all to myself. I want to be young and full of life, but also older and filled with wisdom. I’m feeling so excited about the world, in the same moment that I feel so anxious.

3 good things

1. My class that’s 9 hours long on Fridays actually doesn’t suck after all! All of my favorite people are in it from my major and we get so much free reign! I laughed so much on Friday.
2. I went home for a bit and my sisters baby bump is growing and it’s both super weird and super cool.
3. I saw David and we had such good food, then I fell asleep on his couch w him and woke up super late, but it was worth it.